2013 KBO All-Star Game Information and Schedule

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Here is an update with some information about the upcoming KBO All-Star game and other events to take place that weekend.

Here is a full schedule of events:

  • Thursday July 18
    • ​15:20-16:20 KBO Talent Promotion Donation Program 1
      • Advance registration required at KBO website
    • 15:20-16:20 Children Baseball Experience Program 1
      • Children will be allowed on the field and given the chance to experience various baseball activites. First come first served. Expect long lines.
    • 17:00-20:00 Futures League All-Star Game
      • See the stars of tomorrow as the Northern League takes on the Southern League
    • 20:00-21:30 All-Star Homerun Derby
      • See the league's best homerun hitters battle it out.
    • 21:30-22:00 Field Opening Event
      • Fans will be allowed on the field to take photos, run the bases, etc.
  • Friday July 19
    • 14:00-15:00 Autograph Session 1
    • 14:20-15:20 Children Baseball Experience Program 2
      • Children will be allowed on the field and given the chance to experience various baseball activites. First come first served. Expect long lines.
    • 14:30-15:30 KBO Talent Promotion Donation Program 2
      • Advance registration required at KBO website
    • 15:20-16:00 Autograph Session 2
      • All-Star players will be available to sign autographs for fans.
      • Location: KBO Event Zone outside of stadium. Expect long lines.
    • 16:00-16:40 All-Star Bunt Contest
      • See which All-Star players can lay down the best bunts.
      • Location: Inside stadium
    • 16:40-17:15 All-Star Perfect Pitch Contest
      • Watch All-Star pitchers compete
      • Location: Inside stadium
    • 17:48-17:58 Opening Ceremony
    • 18:30-21:30 KBO All-Star Game
      • Western League vs Eastern League

There will also be several booths and areas set up outside of the stadium for fans to experience. These will be open both days. Below is a list.

  • All-Star Sponsor Plaza
    • Booths and disaplays from sponsor companies.
  • All-Star Museum
    • See photos, uniforms, and other items from Korean baseball history. Includes items from past All-Star games as well as WBC and other international competitions.
  • Again 2008 Olympic Dream Tree
    • A group that is working to reinstate baseball to the Olympic Games.
  • All-Star Photo Zone
    • ​Take photos with team mascots or put your face in a cardboard cut-out of a player's body.
  • Baseball Experience Area
    • Try your hand at various baseball mini-games.
  • Pohang City Zone
    • ​Promotional booth run by the city of Pohang


One of the biggest changes this year is the fact that the game will be played on a Friday. As far back as I can remember the All-Star game has always been on a Saturday. Players will like this because it means they get a longer All-Star break. Fans, however, might not. I will hazard a guess that far fewer out of town fans will make it to the game than in years past. Tickets have already sold out, but I imagine a good majority of those tickets went to Pohang residents. Putting the game in Pohang is also something new, as the city does not host a first division KBO team. Pohang stadium is brand new and hosts the Samsung Lions Futures League (minor league) team. 

Other changes I've noticed include having the homerun derby the night before the game. In years past, the homerun derby has always been before the game on the same day, or in one case they actually put it in the middle of the game. 

The bunt contest was introduced last year and involves players bunting at targets placed on the field. It looks something like this. I don't recall seeing the Perfect Pitch contest before, and I'm not sure exactly what it involves.

Have any other questions? Post a comment below.