First Pitch

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After a long winter it is finally time for someone to mow the outfield, rake the basepaths, dust off and shout out the two immortal words we have all been waiting for.  Play Ball!

With the realization that the preseason starts a week from today, Nick and I had a nice little chat about getting the tumbleweeds off the site and preparing for the onslaught of the 2014 Pro Yagu season. Since this is both the year of my return to the land of the morning calm and the year in which I am sure that the beloved Hanhwa Eagles will break their fifteen year drought and win the Korean Series, I magnanimously agreed to help Nick with the site. Or, it is equally possible that I begged him to let me help. I begged.

While getting reacquainted with the KBO after several years trapped in the baseball-less tropics, it came to my attention that the Nexen Heroes were playing a spring training game against the reviled SK Wyverns. I was chagrined that it wasn't being televised until I found that the game was, in fact, being live-streamed on the Spotv Youtube channel. Fortuitously, my television is internet capable and my years long baseball drought made it so that I didn't even mind watching through poor resolution and a choppy framerate.

It being spring training I think that the only people who cared less about the outcome of the game than me were the players themselves, but this was baseball and it was good. Being able to join the 'crowd', made up of the approximately two dozen people watching from the stands (of which maybe five were fans, the rest being uninterested wives, girlfriends, and the occasional transient using the concrete bleachers as a windbreak) and the fifteen hundred or so tuned into the Youtube stream was a powerful thing. 

Sure, the Heroes never managed to take the lead and the distasteful Wyverns basically controlled the game for its nine inning entirety, but it was baseball. That means spring is coming. Soon birds will be chirping, we will be seeing the first green buds appearing on the resurrected trees, days will be getting longer and before long we will be with our friends, our fellow fans, and of course our teams; eating chicken with our fingers, drinking cold Cass or Hite by the cup or the can, having another great afternoon at the ball park.  Play Ball!