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Attendance: 23,728명 / 소요시간 : 3시간 48분

Seoul (Jamsil)123456789101112131415RHE

* Win : Ryu Jae-Kuk (LG), 패: Thad Weber (NC)
*LG 플레이오프 진출(3 Win 1패)
*준PO 4차전 Daily MVP Lee Byeong-Kyu (7,L): 5At-bats 4 hit(s) 3 RBI(s) 1 runs scored
*준PO MVP Choi Kyeong-Cheol (LG): 15At-bats 8 hit(s) 1Homerun 5 RBI(s) 2 runs scored 타율 0.533

*LG All players in starting line-up recorded at least one hit: PS 13th, 준PO 3rd

*Lee Ho-Jun (NC) 준PO most RBI(s) New Record(13)
*Lee Ho-Jun (NC) 준PO game most Doubles Tied Record (2): 12th
*Lee Jong-Wook (NC) 준PO most 삼진 Tied Record (13): 2nd
*Lee Byeong-Kyu (7,L) 준PO game most consecutive at-bats hit(s) Tied Record (4): 6th
*Lee Byeong-Kyu (7,L) 준PO game most hit(s) Tied Record (4): 14th

2014.10.27(Mon) Starting Pitchers

Seoul (Mokdong)LG-

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  • Starting Pitcher data explained: (innings pitched, batters faced, P(pitch count), H(hits given up), HR(homeruns given up), B(walks), K(strikeouts), total runs, earned runs)
    • Example: (5,20,P91,H4,HR1,B2,K3,2,2) : 5 innings pitched, 20 batters faced, 91 pitches thrown, 4 hits given up, 1 homerun given up, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, 2 runs, 2 earned runs
  • Relief Pitcher data explained: the number shown is the inning in which the pitcher entered the game.
  • Homerun data explained: (inning, runs)season total
    • Example (4,2)7 : player hit 2-run homerun in 4th inning, his 7th homerun of the season.
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