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As announced earlier today, the tenth team to join the KBO will be the KT Wiz in 2015. Over at Naver there are over 1,000 comments on the story. I've decided to translate some of them into English to give an idea of what Koreans think about the name choice. Although there are a few positive messages, it seems that the majority are negative or at least poking fun in some way. Keep in mind that these are anonymous internet comments, so take them for what they are worth. This is a random sampling of comments in no particular order. See Naver for the full list (in Korean)

You will see the original comment in Korean, followed by an English translation, followed by my own notes in red if necessary.

kt phones 가 더날듯..

The KT Phones would have been better..

이름 참 유치하다.

This name is really childish.

아 진자 ㅋㅋ 용 공룡까지는 이해한다 마법사는 아니잔아 ㅋㅋㅋ

Really? (laughs) I understand dragons and dinosaurs, but not wizards (laughs)

케이티 페리 로 해요

​How about the KT Fairies?

케이티 자위즈가 별명 될꺼라는데 한표

Their nickname will be the KT masturbators. That's my vote.

The Korean word 자위 means to masturbate. 자위즈 is a combination with 위즈 (Wiz)

KT 10위즈...

KT 10th place(s)

This is a play on the Korean word 위 (the first half of 위즈 (Wiz)), which is used with a number to describe a ranking 10위 = tenth place (expected finish)

그럼 KT 홈구장명은 호그와트냐?

Will KT's home stadium be called Hogwarts?

진짜 팀 이름 약해 보인다. 위즈^^

The team name really sounds weak. Wiz^^

케이티 위즈 ???? 이름 이 이상해 ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ 위즈가뭔뜻??????

KT Wiz???? Weird name------ what does it mean??????

야구단만들돈으로. 오래된고객들 혜택이나줘라

Use the money for the baseball team to give some benefits to your loyal customers instead.

kt 약정노예즈........2년마다 팬이 바뀐다.

KT Contract Slaves.... Every 2 years the fans change

Referring to long-term mobile phone contracts that customers are pressured into signing.

개티 소송스 어떰??ㅋㅋ

How about the KT Lawsuits? (laughs)

Referring to a class-action lawsuit recently filed against KT

솔직히 다이노스 좀 이상했는데 위즈보니까 한참 정상적이군

To be honest I thought Dinos was a little strange, but compared to Wiz it's perfectly normal.

야무슨 생리대 이름같은데?

Doesn't this sound like the name of a menstrual pad?

Referring to a popular Korean brand of sanitary napkins called 위스퍼

난 이상한데... 너무 짧다.

I think it's strange... it's too short.

All current team names are at least 3 syllables when written in Korean. 위즈 (Wiz) is only two

나만 이름 좋나??

Am I the only one who likes the name?


With (Korea's) small population does 10 teams make sense?

어린이 야구단이냐?

Is this a little league team?

이구단은...야구가 목적이아님.. 홍보용임.. ㅉㅉ 대한민국 야구 점점 산으로

The goal of this team is not baseball it is advertising. (sad) Korean baseball is slowly getting worse

위저즈가 날거같은데

Wizards would have been better (than Wiz)

역대 최악의 구단명이 되지 않을까..

This could be the worst name in history

10구단 되면 용병 제한 늘려라.. 선수들 이 많이 부족할꺼 같다 .

If it goes to ten teams we need to lift the limit on foreign players... there won't be enough players.

닌텐도 위즈 Wiiz

Nintendo Wiiz

마스코트는 간달프냐 덤블도어냐

​The mascot should be Gandolph or Dumbledore

일본은 3000여개 고교야구에서 12개 프로팀 떠받드는데 한국은 100개 고교야구에서 10개 프로팀 떠받드네

Japan has 3000 high school baseball teams and 12 pro teams. Korea only has 100 high school teams but is going to ten pro teams?

한글로 좀 하지 좋은말도 많은데

Let's try a Korean name. There are a lot of good names...

As opposed to English. All current teams, and all but one past team (MBC 청룡) have used English team names.

유니콘스 다시 살리면 안 되나?? 동물도 예쁘고, 이름도 좋고, 지역도 어차피 수원인데...

Why not bring the Unicorns back to life? It's a beautiful animal and the name is good, and after all the team will be in Suwon

The Hyundai Unicorns played in Suwon from 1996 to 2007

케이티 와이파이스 어떠뇨??

How about the KT Wifis?


Wow... the name is.... drug team (laughs)

Referring to the similarity between Wiz and the English word Weed (slang for marijuana) when written/pronounced in Korean. The Showtime TV program Weeds is known in Korea as 위즈 (exact same spelling as the baseball team).

케이티 다저쓰로 바꿔라

Change it to the KT Dodgers

대마초 kt배송 빠른,빠른 ~~

Marijuana, KT delivers fast, fast

Making fun of the names similarity to weed and also the wording of a current KT TV commercial

Wizㅋㅋㅋ 새로나온 이통사 상품이냐

Wiz (laughs) it sounds like a telecom service

다이노스도 처음 발표햇을때 반응 안좋았음 ㅋㅋ 이것도 익숙해지면 괜찮아질거임.

I didn't like Dinos either when I first heard it (laughs) It will be ok when we get used to it.

난 괜찮은데?? 언제까지 일본야구랑 메이저야구 하는것만 따라할래?? 타이거즈, 트윈스, 자이언츠 등등 솔직히 죄다 다른나라 구단명 따라서 붙인거잖아... 위즈... 뜻은 와닿지 않아도 신선하니 좋구만... 뭘;;;

I think it's ok. How long are we going to keep copying American and Japanese baseball team names? Tigers, Twins, Giants, etc To be honest I like this just because it is new and different.

지금이라도 빨리 다른걸로 바꾸세요

​Please change it right now

우리 꼴떼 수원에서 데려가고..kt 가 부산으로 온나..

Send our last place team to Suwon and have KT come to Busan

Presumably referring to the so-far disappointing Lotte Giants season (although they aren't actually in last place)

KT 느림즈가 느낌이 좋은데...

The KT "Slow"s feels good to me

Sounds like someone isn't happy with the speed of his KT internet service

케이티 홈즈가 낫던데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

​KT Homes would be better (laughs)

Referring to actress Katy Holmes

위즈가뭐야 진짜 별로네 ㅋㅋㅋ kt앨리펀트 추천

What is Wiz? I really don't like it. (laughs) I suggest Elephants

위조 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

​Weejo (laughs)

The Korean word 위조 (Weejo) means "fake" or "counterfeit" and sounds very similar to 위즈 (Wiz)