New Feature: KBO Stats / Leader Boards

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I am pleased to announce a new feature here at homeplate: complete statistical information for both the current and past KBO seasons, which can be sorted according to user preference.

There are four separate pages:

How to use:

  • Click on the statistical category at the top of the table to sort players/teams by that category. For example, click "HR" to list players in order of who has hit the most home runs, click "AVG" to sort by batting average, etc. If you click the same category again, the order will reverse. For example, click "HR" twice in a row and it will show players in order of who has hit the least homeruns.
  • All of the statistical data is updated in real time.
  • I hope these pages are easy to understand and easy to use, but if you experience any problems or have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know