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ERAEarned Run AverageW%Winning PercentageSHSacrifice Hits AllowedTRTotal Runs Allowed (Earned Runs plus Unearned Runs)
GGamesBFBatters FacedSFSacrifice Flies AllowedEREarned Runs
CGComplete GamesPITPitch CountBBWalksBSBlown Saves
SHOShutoutsIPInnings PitchedIBBIntentional WalksWHIPWalks plus Hits per Inning Pitched
WWinsHHits AllowedHBPHit BatsmenBAABatting Average Against
LLosses2BDoubles AllowedKStrikeoutsQSQuality Starts
SVSaves3BTriples AllowedWPWild Pitches  
HLDHoldsHRHomeruns AllowedBKBalks 
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