Thursday KBO Game Highlights (2014/04/03)

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Doosan 4 - Nexen 6, Seoul (Mokdong) [Box Score] [Video Highlights]

The umps weren't calling a lot of strikes today, resulting in a total of sixteen walks, ten of which coming from Doosan's pitchers. Nexen struck first when Doosan's starting pitcher Lee Jae-Woo gave up a double, walked a man and then hit Hur Do-Hwan to load the bases in the 2nd. Lead-off man Seo Geon-Chang took advantage of the opportunity by hitting a single that knocked two men in. Doosan came back with the assistance of Nexen starting pitcher Moon Sung-Hyun's generosity in the 4th. Moon walked three in the inning, the third walk with the bases loaded to score a run. Doosan third-baseman Lee Won-Seok took advantage of the resultant loaded bases to score two more off a single, giving the Bears the lead. Doosan scored another run in the 6th but it wasn't enough to keep Nexen at bay.  In the bottom of the same inning, Nexen tied it up with the tying run being walked in by Doosan reliever Yun Myeong-Jun. Nexen put the go-ahead run on the board in the 7th off a Yun Seok-Min single, and added another run in the 8th capitalizing on an error by Doosan catcher Yang Yui-Ji to end the game. Heroe's reliever Ma Jung-Kil picked up the win with one inning of no hit ball pitched, allowing two walks. Foreign position players didn't do much on the day, with Jorge Cantu going 0-4 and Vinny Rottino riding the pine (for the second game) and going 0-1 as a pinch hitter. 

NC 9 - KIA 3, Gwangju [Box Score] [Video Highlights]

The action in Gwangju came early on as the Dinos put up five runs in the 2nd inning. It started with a solo shot by NC designated hitter Lee Ho-Jun and continued through the lineup with all nine batters getting a chance at the plate.  Not to be outdone, KIA put three runs on the board starting in similar fashion when Brett Pill went long in his first plate appearance.  Pill had a great game at the plate, going 3-4 and missed hitting the cycle because he couldn't manage to get the elusive triple. Those three runs were the entirety of KIA's offense on the day, but NC didn't stop there. In the 3rd, Coffee and Waffles (1-3 and an HBP) showed that he isn't just good at winning prizes from the street machines by hitting one over the fence himself for a single run. He is not, however, that great in the speed department and was picked off in the 2nd. The Dinos racked up three more runs in the 4th to wrap up the game, and the Tigers never managed to score another run. Thad Weber got the win, allowing 7 hits and 2 walks in 6 innings pitched.

SK 9 - LG 5, Seoul (Jamsil) [Box Score] [Video Highlights]

The Twins started strong with a three run 1st inning where the first five batters reached base.  LG first-baseman Jeong Seong-Hoon took advantage of all the runs with a three run blast, followed by Josh Bell reaching base on a single before being caught on a hit and run and being tagged out. SK came back with a vengeance, scoring two in the 4th, three in the 5th, and another three in the 6th. Luke Scott hit a solo shot to start off the 6th inning, and went 1-5 on the day.  That didn't stop him from becoming nominated player of the game and being interviewed after the game, throwing the interviewer for a loop with his use of advanced English. LG tried to come back, with Josh Bell (3-5 today) hitting his own solo homerun in the bottom of the same inning, and scoring another run in the 7th, but it wasn't enough. The Wyverns put a cherry on the top of their victory with a single run in the top of the 9th showing good teamwork by scoring Kim Kang-Min on a sacrifice bunt followed by a sacrifice fly. SK starter Chae Byung-Yong picked up the win even though he allowed 4 earned runs on 6 hits and 3 walks in just 5 innings pitched.

Luke Scott Post-game Interview

Samsung - Hanhwa, Daejeon Rained Out