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Where can tickets be purchased online?


  • Note: Currently none of these sites offer ticketing in English. I am planning to post a guide, including translation, for each site as time allows.

Can I purchase tickets by phone?

  • In some cases, yes, although there is no guarantee that these phone lines will have English speakers available. See the list of phone numbers below:


I'm a tourist or temporary visitor in Korea. I don't have an Alien Registration Number (외국인등록번호). Can I buy tickets online?

  • Unfortunately, no. The Alien Registration Number (Or Korean Citizen ID Number) is required for online ticket reservations. In addition, when you arrive at the stadium box office to collect your tickets on game day you may be required to show your ID card with matching ID number. If you do not have a valid ID number you can try making a reservation by phone, although I can’t promise you that anyone will speak English. If you are visiting Korea you may want to ask your hotel or travel agent for assistance.

How much do tickets cost?

  • Each team sets their own prices for their home games. See the stadium guide, and individual stadium pages for current ticket prices.

Do tickets usually sell out?

  • During the 2012 regular season there were 113 sellouts out of a total of 532 total games. That means that on average 1 out of every 4.7 games was a sellout. However, it’s probably a bit more complicated than that. Weekend games (Saturday and Sunday) are far more likely to sellout than mid-week games. Another thing worth considering is when tickets sell out. Out of the 113 sellouts last year, most of them did not completely sell out until around game time. So getting to the stadium an hour or so early is usually good enough, but there are no guarantees. All sorts of different factors may affect game attendance, hot teams, intriguing pitching matchups, stadium size, weather forecasts, school holidays, etc.
  • Additionally, some games are regular sellouts. Opening day games, the all-star game, and all playoff games sell out far in advance, usually within hours of going on sale. Children’s Day (May 5) is another day that typically sells out in advance.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

  • As mentioned in the previous question, for most games you won’t absolutely need to. Showing up to the stadium an hour or so early is going to be good enough for a ticket most of the time. Another thing worth considering is where you want to sit. If you show up an hour before game time, especially on a weekend, it’s quite possible that all that will be left will be general admission, outfield, or other less desirable seats. If you want to sit in one of the front rows, behind home plate, or in one of the special sections I strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance.

What’s the deal with ticket scalping in Korea?

  • Ticket scalping is illegal in Korea, however enforcement doesn’t seem to be very strict. You will occasionally see people selling tickets in front of or near stadiums rather openly. Additionally, if you are trying to get into a sold out game, a good place to start is the older women who sell snacks/drinks in front of the stadium. They sometimes have extra tickets or will know someone who does. Also, if you ever find yourself with unneeded tickets to a sold out game these women have been known to buy tickets (or trade them for beer/snacks). If you are looking to buy tickets to a sold out game before game day there are certain internet cafes (groups) in Korea that cater to this sort of thing.
  • Homeplate.kr does not recommend buying scalped tickets under any circumstances, or engaging in any other illegal behavior. Be aware that cases of counterfeit tickets and other scams have been known to occur.

If there’s a rainout how can I get a refund?

  • Tickets purchased in advance by credit card will automatically be refunded in the case of a rainout. 

Can I buy season tickets?

  • Yes, season ticket packages do exist, with significant discounts over single game ticket prices. Each team structures and prices their season ticket package differently. Season tickets are only available for purchase before the start of the season. If there is any interest I will post some information prior to the 2014 season.

Can you help me buy tickets? Can you buy tickets for me?

  • I hope that the information provided in this guide is helpful, and I would also be happy to answer any additional questions you may have, but I will not be able to purchase tickets for you, sorry.



If you have any additional questions regarding tickets, please contact me.