Weekly Wrap Up 2014/04/13

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It is unexpected to say the least to see the NC Dinos in first place, especially because they lost two of three to Hanhwa in their midweek series.  They did turn around and sweep the Twins this weekend, which dropped LG to the bottom of the heap, even below Hanhwa. Nexen's weekend sweep of the Eagles kept Hanhwa just percentage points above LG in the basement. Lotte also had a poor week, going 2-3-1 to lose a bit of ground on the front-runners.  The Heroes aforementioned sweep let them go 5-1 on the week and they are going into their rest day with a 5 game winning streak. KIA played as expected, winning just 2 this week and are only middling in the standings due to Samsung having a midweek break and then losing 2-3 to SK over the weekend. 

We got several foreign player interviews this week, notably by Homeplate.kr favorite Coffee and Waffles, where he was wearing a silly NC Dino's headband and discussed beard pulling (which is not a euphemism and also, sadly doesn't seem to be available online but you can see some actual beard pulling in the video below ). Vinny Rottino was game MVP and got some face time after the game and there was an Everett Teaford fan introduction interview before his first outing (both videos posted inline here). 

Eric Thames having his beard pulled following a homerun

LG's Josh Bell is still at the top of the homerun heap, but seems to have lost his superhuman status, with 'only' one long ball this week for a total of 5 on the season. SK's Luke Scott and KIA's Brett Pill are right on his heels with 4 each, Scott sending 2 long in one game on Wednesday. Pill must be eating his Wheaties, because in addition to the 1 time he went yard this week, he is batting .378 on the season, putting him at 6th in the league in batting average.

Following just behind, NC's Coffee and Waffles and Doosan's Jorge Cantu both have 3 homeruns to their credit and Samsung's Yamaico Navarro has a couple to his name. Luis Jimenez, who missed the first 7 games of the season, and Vinny Rottino both have put a single ball over the fence and Felix Pie is still waiting for his first shot.

No need to worry about Felix Pie, though, as he seems to be making a lot of friends in the Hanhwa dugout and is bringing a lot of character to the team, plus his play at center field has so far been spectacular.

 Felix Pie making friends

Unfortunately all of Hanhwa hasn't been too lucky.  Yesterday I mentioned that all Hanhwa shortstops be referred to as Skrimshanders and I think I hit too close to the mark with Han Sang-Hun completely flubbing a play today and also missing at least one grab that should have been his. For those keeping track at home, that's a total of 10 errors in 13 games by a total of 3 different shortstops. It honestly might be time to bring in rookie Kang Kyeong-Hak.

Han Sang-Hun error

For the foreign position players, the play of the week goes to Yamaico Navarro for his diving grab, roll and throw for the force at first.  Way to keep your composure, Yamaico.

Navarro's solid defense

And the mistake of the week goes to Vinny Rottino for losing the ball in the corner today against Hanhwa. Not too pretty, Vinny.

Rottino losing the ball