When Ryu Hyun-Jin pitches well, Hanwha loses

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The folks over at Ilkan Sports have noticed that whenever the LA Dodger's Ryu Hyun-Jin pitches well, his former team, the Hanwha Eagles, loses. Likewise, whenever Ryu has a bad start, Hanwha wins. Generally speaking, I'm all for whimsical statistics and connections in baseball, but this one is a stretch, even for me. The only thing that this tells us is that Ryu is usually pretty solid, and Hanwha usually sucks. Nevertheless, the findings appear to be true. Here is a list of Ryu's starts this year, along with Hanwha's results.

Date Ryu Hyun-Jin Hanwha
  Innings Pitched Earned Runs Quality Start  
April 3 6 1/3 1 YES Loss 1-12
April 14 6 3 YES Loss 0-8
April 21 6 5 NO Win 1-0
April 26 7 1 YES Loss 1-6
May 1 6 1 YES Loss 3-4
May 18 5 2 NO Win 14-2
May 23 7 1/3 2 YES Loss 2-10

The article points out that Ryu still has many friends on the Hanwha team, and they contact each other often. Also adding that Hanwha players regularly watch Ryu's games together, which seems to imply that this creates some sort of connection between the two events.

But... this would be a lot more impressive if we weren't talking about a team that loses as often as Hanwha. As it is, you could associate Hanwha's losses with just about anything you want. For example, why not Hanwha usually loses when the weather is sunny or Hanwha usually loses games played on Tuesday? It doesn't really matter much what you compare the losses to... they usually lose, period.

I would also like to use this opportunity to explain my lack of coverage of the two Koreans currently playing in the majors, Ryu, and Cincinatti's Choo Shin-Soo, who is also having an excellent season. I'm really happy to see these guys have success in America, but that success also means that there is plenty of English coverage of them, and the MLB in general, on the internet. You won't need to look very far. As long as my time is limited, I prefer to write about things that don't see much or any English coverage, and that usually means baseball that is being played in Korea.