The World of the Fullo: Work, Economy, and Society in Roman Italy

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The World of the Fullo: Work, Economy, and Society in Roman Italy

<br>The concept of the Fullo has a detailed look at the fullers, craftsmen who addressed high-quality garments, of Roman Italy. Analyzing the social and economic worlds where the fullers lived and worked, it tells the storyplot with their economic circumstances, how they organized their workshops, the places where they worked within the city, in addition to their everyday thrives on a store floor and beyond.Through concentrating on the bottom segments of society, Flohr uses everyday work as the key organizing principle from the narrative: the amount discusses the choices taken by those responsible for the organization of training, and just how these decisions subsequently had an impact on the social lives of individuals doing the project. It emphasizes how socio-economic differences between cities resulted in fundamentally different working lives for several with their people, which not simply were economic activities shaped by Roman society, they therefore played an integral role in shaping it. Source: <a href=""></a><br>

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