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What is GNSS and how does it work?

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Global Navigation Satellite System provides invaluable information. Without this, we will lost. But we understand very little about how it works. Let's dive in the world of GNSS and know what is GNSS and how it works.

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jagadeesh K : good job
Claude Schanet : don't you need 4 satellites to calculate your position??


Learn all about Global Navigation Satellite System. Difference between GPS and GNSS.
Han Irene : Very good explanations, keep making these!
Monika Makuszynska : Fantastic video, thank you! :)
roger Cannet : bug indisponible en france
Romana Jamshed : Thanks, really helpful
X Liu : 学到了,谢谢

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) - Part 1

Boris Vassilev obtained his MSc in Avionics in High Military School, Bulgaria and was awarded a Ph.D. from Air Force Academy “N. E. Jucovskij”, Moscow, Russia for his work on integration of inertial navigation system with radio navigation systems. Since 1996 up to 2014 Dr Vassilev worked as Associate Professor in Technical University of Sofia. Currently he is invited lecturer in the same university. Since 2003 up to 2012, he has been a participant in the working group of the EGNOS monitoring network established by Eurocontrol. Dr Vassilev is winner of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) special prize in European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) for 2012 year.
MAHOMET Muhammad MURAD Trabelcy :
structure interne du globe terrestre (profondeurs et densités )
Mosida Bibi : Thanks Sir, for your kindly let me know all about GNSS .
Omid Ash : Poor Japanese students whom you were taught technology :-(
Md.mujahidul Islam Polock : alhamdulillah.....It just clear my concept.
John Smith : US and Russia have there own global navigation system. China and EU are developing their global navigation system. Maybe China and EU can get their own global navigation system until 2020.




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