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Vaping 24mg of nicotine

We decided to veer away from food to try 24mg of nicotine.
Shahm : im smoking 25 mg nicotine im a juul and im 14 and im not coughing
asdfsadf ashdjb : With nicotine salt easy af
Slaam : That’s the Normal amount I Denmark
Dylan Brewis-Handleigh : there eyes aha
Eat my shortsss : How do yall enjoy vaping thatt it's so jarsh for me wtf

Melo Kobe-Keep Quiet( By:Rebels Films)#24MG

Marilyn Didier : first time but it's dop
24mg melly : 24
Thatgirl Destinycole :
Self Made leaks :
hellsk100 : This song sounds much better if you mute it and keep it quiet

Tececig - Blackberry 24MG (E-liquid review) 100% PG

The Tececig Blackberry is a great morning vape to have with breakfast. You may even find yourself vaping on it all day.
Luz Esperanza : Make a 100% VG vs 100% PG e-liquid review! I want to hear which one makes more flavor.
Aron Alhime : You look like sexy vegan
Alistair Garriock : I'd pay to see someone use this on an rda at like 150 watt
justin estell : how much did you smoke to do 24 nic
justin estell : vg thick pg thin




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