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PS Vita Slim Review (PCH-2000)

Here is my final overall review of the PS Vita-2000. It's honestly a really great revision to the handheld, enjoy!

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Outro song ‘I dunno’ by Grapes:
All in one TV : Now I want to have that psp vita SO bad. But this is probably the best and nicest review I’ve seen for the psp vita 2000
Yoboijom : Watching this guy 6 years later and nothing has changed
Venkatesh K : Bro what is the price of it

Can I insert gta Vice city disk in it
Cynic The Hedgehog : Last thing Sony would ever do with the console sadly :(
Stealthy 20 : I dont notice the difference between the lcd and oled, because I have always had the 2000

PS Vita Slim (2000) vs PS Vita (1000)

Today we compare the new PS Vita Slim 2000 to the old PS Vita 1000. At first one might not notice this but there are actually a large number of differences between these two handhelds. After watching this video you will be able to the big differences that actually exist.
Enjoy the awesomeness!
jose adan gonzalez hernandez : PSVita Phat Rules and Kick Azz!!
Jordan Antonino : Are the bumpers different
ColezaxPlayz : oh my god the nostalgia
CoffeeSpiller : The second generation has a "psp go" look to it. The curve to the holes of the speakers

Playstation Vita Comparison - Which Model Should You Buy? (1000 vs. 3G vs. 2000 vs. TV)

A comparison of every Playstation Vita model!

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WindyCornerTV : Since I've received a lot of comments asking for the titles of the games featured in this video, I have now created a list of all the games with time stamps.

0:02 Uncharted Golden Abyss
0:05 Killzone Mercenary
0:09 Gravity Rush
0:11 Tearaway
0:53 Touch My Katamari
1:09 Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls
1:13 Persona 4 Golden
1:15 Earth Defence Force 2017
1:21 Persona 4 Dancing
1:44 Rayman Legends
2:29 Hotline Miami
2:35 Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified
2:43 Wipeout 2047
2:49 Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified
3:10 Tearaway
3:32 Borderlands 2
3:42 Ridge Racer
3:46 Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
3:49 Little Big Planet
4:10 Killzone Mercenary
4:21 Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate
4:29 Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
4:36 Persona 4 Golden
4:40 Killzone Mercenary
4:47 Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls
4:50 God of War Collection
4:53 WRC3
4:59 Child of Light
5:01 Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
5:10 Uncharted Golden Abyss
5:16 Street Fighter x Tekken
5:19 Unit 13
5:25 Freedom Wars
5:38 Sound Shapes
5:44 Metal Gear Solid 3
5:50 Dead or Alive 5 Plus
5:58 Killzone Mercenary
Nrml boi : Back then wasn't have enough money to buy one, I always use to dream holding one. Now I have have one and it's 2000 series, whatever it takes in 2020. Still worthy retrogames❤️
Kevin Masters : Honestly, the 2000's LCD screen is terrible - so washed out and looks like a cheap LCD tv screen. I bought both and sold the 2000 without a few days.
Jaywalking0d : i think i have a fake ps vita
Radiant Ansel : Oh the vita... What a great companion you have been.
I truly encourage you, no matter what you get, please, mod it, not because "mUh PiraCY" (Unleast your game was delisted or region locked), but because how well you can transform the portable, I literally had the Switch Lite before Switch Lite even existed, hell, before the Switch even existed.
You can get external controllers, all of your PSP and PS1 games (Yes, ALL), better framerate or resolutions (According to game), Fanpatches, and emulators that run pretty well (GBA Games run like a dream here).

The Vita by itself has been the best portable I had ever owned, especially if you are a person that travels quite a lot, I had to do 3+ HOURS trips almost daily when I purchased one, and oh god it helped out, especially because I could play bigger console/PC tittles I had at home (DariusBurst, Gundam Breaker, Resident Evil Revelations 2), I could play in a better way my PSP collection (Busou Shinki, Strike Witches, Gradius), my PS1 games, and so on!
And in my job, because of the external controller homebrew, I could pretty much play tabletop which was comfy as hell.
And if you are in a more casual mood, please, for love of god, try out Visual Novels, I literally throwed more time than what I deserve in those.

Oh... I forgot... You can use common MicroSD cards if you do the mod!

Overall, I have even more consoles now, I'm moving to Japan and the Vita is really coming with me.

I also do recommend if possible, the Slim model, because the Charging port is already a big point to me, but I had the OLED and it's an experience to play with that too.
Get what you can, Vita is not going down in price never again.


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