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Fan Coil Unit - FCU HVAC

In this video we take a look into HVAC fan coil units to understand how they work. Using 3D models, photos and diagrams to build your knowledge.

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NEW! The Sig Sauer P320 Custom Works FCU Program

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at the Sig Sauer Academy speaking with Phil Strader of Sig about the new Sig P320 Fire Control Unit or “FCU” program. While more details about this new program are on the way as the tentative October launch date gets closer, what we can tell you now is that the P320 FCU Custom Works program is a collaboration between Sig and third-party/aftermarket parts makers to offer a new degree of customization for the Sig P320 line of pistols. Consumers will be able to purchase the Sig P320 fire control unit by itself for $299. As the fire control unit of the Sig P320 is the serialized component of the gun, buyers will then be able to hand-select and order the components to complete their build - including the frame, slide, barrel, and other components - not only from Sig, but from supported third party manufacturers. After those parts arrive, the owner simply assembles their custom-designed Sig P320. More details about this program are coming soon from Sig and from TFBTV, so make sure to subscribe for new updates.

Read more at:\r https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/?p=1043126\u0026preview=true\u0026preview_id=1043126


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FCU_휀코일유니트 설명/설비자동제어/FAN COIL UNIT


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