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Review of my HP Elite 8000

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Rooi : I always wanted to start gaming, and when I was a wee boy, I thought this computer would run games lol. What would be the low profile graphics card be? I don't know anything about computers, sorry
KL Azmax64 : I still have one. They handle core 2 quads nicely. Add in a USB 3.0 card and a graphics card. I use mine as a simple web browser, media center. While my main machine is my gamer, major storage PC.
DJ LECORE : You need more experience, the teal 9 pin port is COM. Also this pc is about 70% propriatry, the motherboard, PSU and case are unique to only this pc as the board and PSU will never fit into any other case and vice versa, the boards power config is unique also, no 20-24pin power, just a 6pin and 2 4pin. The PSU cannot be upgraded in any way either. Ive just picked one of these up for £20 ($26) and im going to be turning the little thing into a retro gaming emulator mega console lol :)
The Silencer : I ordered one from eBay so I can play my retro childhood games on Windows XP,as my current pc doesn't have any compatibility with xp:(
Linac : Can someone tell me where do I insert the hdmi in this computer

eBay Finds: $35 HP 8000 SFF desktop PC review

In this video I take a look at an HP elite 8000 small form factor PC that I bought off eBay for about $35 (I accidental said $40 in the video). Its a good computer for web browsing, productivity software, and media playback, but it's gaming capabilities are definitely limited.

Core 2 duo E8400 @ 3.00 GHz, 6M Cache
4GB DDR3 Ram

Seller: https://www.ebay.com/usr/e-cyclepro?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
humzah ahmed : Can I put a Intel 2 duo core e7500 And a radon HD 6450 in this?
Василий Пупкин : Xeon working in this PC? Yes or not?
Pubg Pro Gaming : will this pc support graphics card? pls reply
MeinBadSaarow : Ich habe genau diesen PC auf Amazon gekauft. Der ist echt toll!
Burak CSGO : good pc

HP8000 분해조립 동영상

HP8000 분해조립 동영상
Roger Nevez : english?
Nelson F. Marques : Very Good
jose carlos Carlos : O Cara parece que tá é quebrando!kkkk
Sistemas de Tinta Salta : se va a la mierda el ponja
Jefferson Ferreira : Só faltou a legenda!!!




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