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1inch.exchange - How it works & how to use it

In this video we review 1inch.exchange, a smart contract that sits on top of existing DEXs such as Uniswap, Kyber, Bancor and others.
sheik faheem akthar : Coinbase wallet how to reduce transection fees ...is there any gas fee reduce system for coinbase wallet ..pls reply me
Mike C : You didn't explain how to 1inch. You only said what you did. Not helpful at all.
gabriel leite : Have how put a address wallet of a friend in 1inch exchange?
Crypto Zone : Good but slow down a bit. Hard to catch up
Mose : really appreciating your videos - please keep it up!

Moving between DeFi protocols using 1inch.exchange | Decentralized Finance on Ethereum

Visit 1inch.exchange at https://bit.ly/3bWdt6f.

1inch.exchange is a “decentralized exchange aggregator” that also provides native integration with Compound, Aave, and other critical DeFi protocols \u0026 smart contracts. 1inch combines multiple Ethereum transactions into one, providing a simple way to make otherwise complex swaps.
구름타고슝 : 잘봤당 . 감사감사
james0327 : nice demonstration. thank you. Now 1inch.exchange is using Chi to save users' transaction fees, which is really useful.
Siddu K : It is great. I would like to understand how to join an existing Uniswap liquidity pool using 1inch. Are there any references? Pls confirm
Mathew T Jaja : How do i create my 1inch account
rooney umper : Brilliant and it is even named after my penis length wow

How To Farm 1INCH Token On Mooniswap : A Step-By-Step Guide

Farm 1INCH by providing liquidity on Mooniswap with this link - http://bit.ly/mooniswap-farm

What's up everyone. This is our second blockchain/crypto related video for a DeFi (decentralized finance) project that I'm personally very excited about. This video will show you how to farm 1INCH tokens by providing liquidity on Mooniswap in a step-by-step tutorial format. We've personally put in $20,000 to farm 1INCH and we're going to show you how to do the same.

DISCLAIMER: Please do your own research. We are by no means financial experts and yield farming is very high-risk and should not be attempted if you have no idea what you're doing. We take no responsibility on your losses.
HUSTLR : Farm 1INCH by providing liquidity on Mooniswap with this link - http://bit.ly/mooniswap-farm (I get a small cut without any cost to you)
Artakan Berger : Ok, but once you've done that, we have to wait for the 1inch token to be created and distributed, it doesnt exist yet if I understand correctly ?
Nathan Teale : Good stuff dude!




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