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Love Handle Workout | 10 min Abs & Obliques Burn Home Workout

We're not just working the booty in this hourglass program, we've gotta work on those abs abs abs of yours! Enjoy the workout program and please do drop a like and a comment!

Full program schedule at https://www.chloeting.com/program
Episode 1 -

Episode 2 -

Episode 3 -

Episode 4 -

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Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that all of my videos are titled according to SEO best practices for content discoverability. Unfortunately this may mean that video titles are subjective and shouldn't be seen as absolute truth. As an example, targeting fat reduction is not scientifically proven but a video title might suggest otherwise. When following any of my videos, please take precaution to exercise in a safe environment, and I highly suggest seeing a health and fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form and dietary needs. Every person is unique and there is no one size fits all solution to health or fitness. I am not a medical professional and your health and safety is the utmost importance.
Chloe Ting : The comment section is truly entertaining. Love you all! lol
Semanur Telli : What she says : We're almost there
What i hear : We're almost dead
Bughead Fan : I think I just sweated away all the weight I wanted to lose
monica georgiana : won't these make your waist bigger tho? since working your obliques will make them more visible
Brahimi Hadjer : 9th day : not EASY not EASY

한국은행" 금융 안정상황" 발표..언론 난리났다. 다가온 파산 공화국..

우리 은행 (대동포럼) 박 홍기 후원계좌 1005 - 203 - 205878 대동포럼 소액 후원을 환영하며 10만원 이상은 정중하게 사절 합니다.

디레버리징 구매
1. 뉴 노멀 시대의 등장
2. 금융시스템의 변화와 진화
3. 바젤3 시스템
4. 2019년 국내은행의 재무 상황
5. 2017년 FSB(국제 금융안정위원회)의 평가
6. DSR(Debt Service Ratio)의 적용과 그에 따른 영향
7. 2019년, 부동산 임대업 RTI에 의한 자영업 구조조정
8. 2020년, 개인 신용등급 점수제 전 금융권 시행
9. 2021년, 수도권 대규모 역전세 대란의 위험
10. 2020년 1~12월 일정표
11. 2021년 이후의 내환 위기에 대하여
12. 2022년 전국 200만 가구 유령화 마을 사태
13. 2023년 전망과 한국 사회

바젤3 모멘트 [ 양장, 개정판 ]

리밸런싱 2019년 이후 경제 충격 현황에 관하여

대동포럼 뉴스레터 각종 기관 자료 공유 토론


리밸런싱 주문 : https://book.naver.com/bookdb/book_de...
대동포럼 카페 : http://cafe456.daum.net/_c21_/home?grpid=1OaUj

대동포럼 도시경제 연구원 카톡방: 대동포럼 도시경제 연구원 카톡방: https://open.kakao.com/o/gxISRHtb
참여코드: 1L4UPc

Title: Selected as a systemic important bank and bank holding company (D-SIB) in 2021
◈ As a result of evaluating the systemic importance of domestic banks and bank holding companies
10 banks and bank holding companies were selected as important systemic banks and bank holding companies
(Jeju Bank is excluded from D-SIB compared to the previous year)
1 Results of systemic important bank selection
□ Today ('20.6.24), the Financial Services Commission was domestically important in 2021.
Banks and bank holding companies (D-SIB*) are selected as follows.
* Domestic Systemically Important Banks
◦ (Systemic important bank holdings) Shinhan Financial Holdings, Hana Financial Holdings, KB Financial Holdings,
Woori Financial Holdings, Nonghyup Financial Holdings
◦ (System important bank) Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, Hana Bank, Kookmin Bank, Nonghyup Bank
□ Compared to the previous year, Jeju Bank (

subsidiary of Shinhan Financial Group) is excluded from D-SIB*
* Small-scale localities in accordance with the plan to soften financial regulations to respond to Corona 19 ('20.4.17.)
Exemption from the obligation to accumulate additional capital (1%p), excluding the bank from the selection of a system important bank

ABCP Asset-backed commercial paper 자산담보부 기업어음
ASF Available stable funding 가용 안정적 자금조달
AVC Asset value correlation 자산가치상관관계
CCF Credit conversion factor 신용환산율
CCPs Central counterparties 중앙청산소
CD Certificate of deposit 양도성예금증서
CCR Counterparty credit risk 거래상대방 신용리스크
CDS Credit default swap 신용부도스왑
CP Commercial paper 기업어음
CRM Credit risk mitigation 신용리스크경감
CUSIP Committee on Uniform Security
Identification Procedures 채권식별코드
CVA Credit valuation adjustment 신용가치조정
DTAs Deferred tax assets 이연법인세자산
DTLs Deferred tax liabilities 이연법인세부채
DVA Debit valuation adjustment 부채가치조정
DvP Delivery-versus-payment 증권대금동시결제
EAD Exposure at default 부도시익스포져
ECAI External credit assessment institution 외부신용평가사
EL Expected loss 예상손실
- iv -
약어 영문 명칭 국문 명칭
EPE Expected positive exposure (양(+)의) 기대익스포져
FIRB Foundation internal ratings-based
approach 기본 내부등급법
IMM Internal model method 내부모형법
IRB Internal ratings-based 내부등급법
ISIN International securities identification
number 국제증권식별번호
LCR Liquidity coverage ratio 유동성커버리지비율
LGD Loss given default 부도시손실(률)
MtM Mark-to-market 시가평가
NSFR Net stable funding ratio 순안정자금조달비율
OBS Off-balance sheet B/S 난외
PD Probability of default 부도확률
PSE Public sector entity 공공기관
PvP Payment-versus-payment 외환동시결제
RBA Ratings-based approach 신용등급법
RSF Required stable funding 필요 안정적 자금조달
SFT Securities financing transaction 증권금융거래
SIV Structured investment vehicle 구조화투자회사
SME Small and medium sized enterprise 중소기업
SPV Special purpose vehicle 특수목적회사
VaR Value-at-Risk 최대손실예상액
VRDN Variable rate demand note 변동금리요구채권

엔비디아의 ARM인수, 불붙는 AI 반도체 개발경쟁

어렵고 딱딱한 경제,시사,금융 이야기를
쉽고 유쾌하게 풀어내는
경제/시사/이슈/잡썰 토크방송입니다.

#47조원 #AI반도체
김민규 : 근데 36조로 3년에 10조 9조 번거면
복리고 연 8%고 그럼 인덱스랑 다를게 뭔지 모르겠음 그리고 소뱅이 현금 36조 다 있던거도 아닐테고 대출 꼈으면 이자 빼면 인덱스만큼도 못한거 아닌가? 아무리 10조라도?
seung il baek : NVDIA 올해 안에 700갈것 같네요.
미래부자 : 오늘도 재밌었어요~
영상내용도 까지칩도ㅋㅋ
하진태 : zㅋㅋ 언제가 중요하구나, 정확하게 ,언제 그때 사게
뭉수리 : 양자컴퓨터 시대에.. 의미 없을 듯




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