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Cuckoo Rice Cooker - Setting Voice Navigation (CRP-N0681F)

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Quick Run Down:
1. Press and hold the Mode button for 3 seconds to access your settings.
2. Pressure the Mode "9" times (not too quickly) to access voice language settings
3. Press the "right arrow" button to change language settings. (Default is Korean)
4. Press the Pressure Cook button to finalize your settings.

This is a short tutorial on how to change your language settings on your CRP-N0681F Cuckoo rice cooker.

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Isabella Ottey : Hello, I just bought the CR-0665f model. Am I able to set voice navigation on this model?
King Roaster : Can you demonstrate how to change language or how to operate (crp-m1010fr) korean model please help me out
An Xuan Ha Tran (Elsa) : Hi! Can you do a tutorial on how to change the voice navigation for the CPR-HLF1060SR series please? Thx.
Ronald Santos : Hi! I have a cuckoo ih hub1086se. It doesn’t talk from the very first use.i follow your directions for voice set up but there’s no set for voice set up.does this model doesn’t speak? Thanks
Xeng Moua : Thanks... you did a great job of showing how to change from Korean to English.

Cuckoo Korean premium pressure rice cooker

Ji Hae Kim : What is the model number of this cooker?
수리센타 : Hello video Good
Triana Nguyen : Hi can you please show me how to change the language from korean to English because I have no idea how to do it
Senshi00 : Anyone know how to make fluffy / basmati rice in this?
thematic : can you cook meat in this cooker?????


More information at:
m roendaboat : I do love its timing function!>>> Just put the rice and water into the cooker, and next day morning you can have delicious porridge waiting for you
Mark Plott : First mistake, never cook with American Long Grain rice.




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