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Writing Visual Studio Extensions with Mads - Creating a tool window extension

Join mads as he builds extensions for Visual Studio live and answers your questions! This week, we're building a new extension featuring a custom WPF tool window.

Send Mads your Suggestions:

Featuring: Mads Kristensen (@mkristensen)

#vsix #toolwindow #visualstudio

Writing Visual Studio Extensions with Mads - Writing JSON Schemas

Visual Studio's support for JSON Schema lets us provide IntelliSense and validation for custom JSON formats. We'll look at two different ways to ship your JSON Schema files with extensions

Community Links:

Featuring: Mads Kristensen (@mkristensen)

#json #schema #intellisense

Performance Profiling | CPU Usage Tool

A good way to start investigating performance issues in your app is to understand its CPU usage. Profiler PM Esteban Herrera shows how to collect and analyze CPU usage data for your applications.

Learn more about profiling in Visual Studio at\u0026WT.mc_id=vstoolbox-c9-niner

Learn more about the CPU Usage tool at\u0026WT.mc_id=vstoolbox-c9-niner.
Omar Rabie : are those tools available for cpp?
Eric N : Great Tool.
hq cart : is there a way to see the profiling without stopping the app? (live)




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