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teclock tm110 dial gauge

Dial gauge teclock tm 110

How To Use A "Tek-Lok"

Just a quick overview of how to use the Tek Lok to attach knives and other various gear to your belt or MOLLE gear.


buy brown : Great video , I made all of GG&G Battle Hawk sheaths
wmpyr : Thank you, that was very helpful! I just got two and was totally clueless about how to use it. Now I get it.
len hamilton : tek lok=extreme garbage!
BOSS 350z : tek loks are by blade tech...
Survivalkraft : You look so much different without the epic beard!

How to use/install Tek-lok

For people ordering Tek-lok's and need a refresher on how to use them.
Dennis Miller : Thank you sir!
Bob Shuly : The problem I have is when you pull on the knife the sheath just slides down your belt
R H : 3:30 who cares about wiggle room if the entire thing slides side to side? I cant stand the fact that they didn't design it to actually grip onto the belt itself. I don't want to go to pull my blade out and the entire tek-lok pull back with it until it slams into my belt loop eventually tearing it... My solution was to use two of the screws in the center of the tek-lok with the rubber pieces on the inside so they grip the belt and stop it from sliding side to side. The problem with that? They only give you two screws so that leaves me with one screw to attack my knife to the tek-lok which isn't enough.... For what they want for these things they should include 5-6 sets of screws.... Its pitiful
Pharaoh Atem : You actually really helped me cause I bought a desert eagle holster that has that lock on and I couldn't figure out how to use it
Johnny Gee_19 : Decided to finally order a tek lok after seeing your video, now after receiving it, the included screws are like half as long as the ones in this video, screws weren’t even long enough to pass thru the kydex holster rivets




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