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Dust seal replacement

Victory V92C Dust Seal Removal and Fabrication

It's practically impossible to find a NON OEM fork seal kit for this bike. The dealer wanted $350 for a fork seal kit. Video will show you how to make the 45mm All Balls 56-149 kit fit. Also shows removal of the dust seal- fork boot- crown- whatever you want to call it.
Lilmiddwest : Good video will doing it on my 2000 victory v92sc.
M : THANK YOU!!!! Its has been months that I try to remove that chrome cap and nobody anywhere knows how.No forums, nothing!

Ford F250 front Axle dust seal install, New improved design 4x4


Snap ring pliers
Most people that has a F250 probably has this problem. I have a 2006 powerstoke 6.0 4x4. This is not critical but it bothered my not having it on there. The seal is design to keep dust and road grime out the axle housing.
That-Dad : Went through my whole front end and found both wheel bearings bad. My left side axle doesn't even have the outer seal
brave one thanks : How come you didn't show putting the main Hub seal in. A lot harder than it looks
Steve Chambers : Astro snap ring pliers on amazon
Gerald Lamont : When I took mine off I used a flat head screwdriver it worked to pull the snap ring
john galt : granted i live on dirt roads but i have never seen a front end that clean. nice end result
onn the vacuum seal i would always use a new one if yohu are in far enough to change it anyways and there is a seal tool that works wonders for not destroying theseal integrity they are notoriously weak ...




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