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Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K With 360 Lens - Full Review

We take a look at the new Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K. The camera is decent for the price, offers 1080P at 30FPS, and has a very interesting 360 degree lens attachment. The downfall of the is only acceptable video quality and difficult to install software. Although Sony advertises the Bloggie as Mac compatible it only offers a simple media transfer Application and does not allow for the 360 degree panorama conversion. For that you have to rely on Windows. See our full review with video footage in HD and let me know what you think.

Awful Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K quick review

I'm going to upload a corrections video shortly - the Bloggie does not have auto-focus. It is in fact fixed focus and from my tests I'd say the minimum focus distance is about 4 or 5 feet. Good enough to be more than useful for a lot of stuff, but not so good for "talking head" style videos. That said, if you respect the minimum focus distance then the results are great. In daylight the quality is really excellent, as is, without any post processing.\r
Original Description:\r
I got a Sony Bloggie (an older model, the MHS-PM5K) so that I'd be able to see what I'm recording as I record it. The Canon 550D has the LCD screen at the back in a fixed position, but the Sony Bloggie allows you to swivel the lens 270 degrees so you can see yourself while filming.\r
The section where I show you actual footage from the Bloggie is unretouched. If I'd done some colour correction and image enhancement it would have looked even better. \r
For such a small and cheap device, I think it's great - especially for the uses I have for it.\r
Sound quality, to my ears, was not brilliant and I haven't used any of the Bloggie audio in this video, but if anyone's interested I'll post original audio so you can hear it.\r
Cons: The lens isn't as wideangle as I'd like and I would prefer a bit more control in-camera, but honestly for quick and easy recording it fits the bill for me. The newer models don't have the rotating lens, which is a great loss.\r
How does the image compare to the Canon 550D? Well you can judge for yourself, but you really wouldn't put these two very different cameras into the same contest. I love the quality from the 550D (T2i in the US), but it just isn't as "go-anywhere, fit in your pocket, hit one button and record" friendly as the Sony Bloggie.

Sony Bloggie PM5K Hands-On Review

Sony continue their line of pocket friendly camcorders( - both economically and physically - with the Bloggie - it's a small camcorder (similar to the FLIP camcorders), with a swivel lens and Full HD 1080 capability. One of the interesting features is that it has an additional 360-degree lens that can be attached. But does the Bloggie really cut the mustard as an HD camcorder?

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