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EZON T031 GPS Fitness Watch Review

This is a video review of the EZON T031, which is a GPS fitness #watch.

Read my full review of the EZON T031 GPS fitness watch:

Here are several links to purchase the item online:
http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/ZDbnYAc (Aliexpress)
http://amzn.to/2nbw43Q (Amazon US)
http://amzn.to/2mjdR79 (Amazon UK)
https://amzn.to/2LKQJIS (Amazon Deutschland)
https://amzn.to/2DCzTua (Amazon France)
http://amzn.to/2hTkVqP (Amazon Canada)
https://amzn.to/2A276za (Amazon Italy)
https://amzn.to/2LAKQkH (Amazon España)

The brand: EZON
The model: T031 (T031A01)

Here is the description of the item:
Best Selling EZON T031 GPS Timing Fitness Watches Sport Outdoor Waterproof Digital Watch Speed Distance Calorie Counter

For further questions about this watch please comment on this video and I will do my best to answer you.

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Meng Kew Leow : Hi after charging my Ezon T901 watch there is no displace. Pls give me a solution
brunzar1973 : i have bought this Ezon T031 to run with but i cant stop it when i finish race. What button i have to push please.
Gasparin Gaspari : first of all. execelt video. second sorry for my english. i brought the watch i feu days agou. and i have o few questions.
1- I would like to know, if it marks the heart rate.
2-my clock have a chest band. there is any diferens
3- It is mandatory to activate the blow to for any sport that i perform
4- wath i need do for the watch giv me the calories, km, and step that i did in any sport.
Christian Ramirez : Can you set the pace and distance. From kilometers to miles?
Manuel Avendaño : Does the Runnerkit app work as it should?

EZON Compass Barometer Altimeter Thermometer Climbing Hiking Outdoor Sports Watch H506 review

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Get it on Amazon here... http://geni.us/npyG

This watch combines altimeter, barometer , thermometer, electronic compass and alarm. It can display time, calendar and the time of 48 cities in 24 times zones, and also can set one city as current time directly.
It can display time, calendar and the time of 48 cities in 24 times zones, and also can set one city as current time directly.
Main functions: Altimeter - compass - barometer - thermometer - 50 years calendar - world time - hourly chime - alarm - 5ATM – backlight.
It has 5ATM water resistance, it is no problem to wear the watch while washing hands, having shower with cold water, but not diving and sauna in water, please don't press any button in the water.
Battery Type: CR2032

Introduction :
We thank you for purchasing EZON hiking series watch. Please read this operation instruction carefully to know the functions, the way of operation and the safety information of our product.
This is a multi-functional waterproof climbing watch combines these functions: altimeter, barometer, thermometer, electronic compass, alarm, Calendar etc.
It can measure altitude, pressure and temperature, and can display time, calendar and the time of 48 cities in 24 time zones, you could set one city time as current time directly.

Features :
1. Compass
2. Barometer
3. Altimeter
4. Time
5. Alarm
6. World time
7. Record 50 set of manual height record, climbing 30 groups automatically records
8. Other EL backlight, keypad lock, low battery reminder, 5ATM waterproof
9. Easy battery replacement battery mode, the user opens the bottom and avoid possible damage to the watch running.

Notes For Customers :
1. The function of the altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer in this watch can not be used in professional field where require high accuracy.
2. This watch complies with industrial standards. If there are any allergic reaction or irritation, please stop wearing it and consult a doctor.
3. Please do not wear our watch in the environment of extremely cold, extremely hot, temperature changing rapidly.
4. Please do not wear our watch in the environment with strong magnetic or strong electric.
5. Do not press any button in the water.
6. You can find current altitude with the help of the landmarks, topographic maps or precise altimeter measurements, the calibrate altitude by setting current altitude in the watch before hiking.

Packaging :
Warranty card, instruction manual, packing box
tal vaknin : Most of the mobile phones today has barometers & GPS so any phone can be converted to a powerful altimeter with the right application.
one of the most clear and simple app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=altitude.alarm.erol.apps
Brandon Zakall : I bought this watch, can set the worldwide time to Vancouver, it won’t accept me pressing the comp button to save it. But if I back out it stays on Vancouver, when I go to time-date. It will cycle through Asian countries like Beijing.. etc. Nothing even close to where I live, how to I get out of that? I think it affects the sunrise/sunset, as well as temperature and pretty much everything.. not finding this watch useful at the moment.
Walla : isn't too thick ? looks quite thick
Mano Kshatriya : what do you think about SKMEI 1358 ??
jcfhm1 : Question, most watches of this type, suggest you remove the watch to get an accurate temp reading. In your experience, is this watch similar or is the temp accurate while wearing? Thanks

Enzo Rabelo - Perfeitinha

Clipe com a participação especial da minha irmã Duda Rabelo
#EnzoRabelo #Sertanejo2019 #DudaRabelo

Ouça a música na sua plaforma preferida::

Meu instagram: https://instagram.com/enzorabelooficial/

CONTATO: 11 5054-7777 (Worldshow)
Música: Perfeitinha
(Jota Reis , Lucas Medeiros e Diego Barão)

Ela é uma princesa
Que não usa coroa
Ela usa boné
Não precisa de salto
Ela para o baile
Só de tênis no pé
Ela tem um brilho que brilha mais que brilhante
Uma joia rara
Ela é tipo diamante
E advinha só

Ela é toda toda toda perfeitinha
E o melhor é que é toda toda minha
Ela é toda toda toda perfeitinha
Da vontade de guardar numa caixinha
Pra ninguém roubar
Marilene Mendes Gama : Qwertyuio
Marilene Mendes Gama : Gcyc
Ana Clara Gonçalves : Eu gosto muito de vc
Suze Msp : Minha neta de 3 anos adora essa música.
banda Ferrolho fonseca : Essa música é todinha minha ??????????????????????????

Avicii - All You Need Is Love (Ezon Bootleg)

Follow me on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/StompPlaylist
Download song - http://po.st/hldS2Z
Label: -
Genre: Progressive House
Release date: -
To owners or copyright holders:
I do not intend to steal, but i use this for promotional purposes only. If you don't want to see my uploaded track or it's download link on my channel, send me a private youtube message, i'll delete the video or remove download link immediately, thanks.
If download link is down, tell me about that @ comments, i'll upload a new one.
Avicii - All You Need Is Love (Ezon Remix)
Avicii - All You Need Is Love (Ezon Remix)
Avicii - All You Need Is Love
Avicii - AYNIL
Avicii - AYNIL (Ezon Remix)
Avicii - ID (Ezon Bootleg)
Avicii - AYNIL
Avicii - ID (All You Need Is Love)
Avicii Feat. Ruth-Anne - All You Need Is Love (Ezon Bootleg)
Avicii - All You Need Is Love (Ezon Bootleg) stompsplaylisttv tvstompsplaylist tvstompplaylist playliststomps playlistthestomps stompplaylistthe thestompsplaylist stompplaylist stompsplaylist stomps playlist house electro download dance top 10 music best songs 2011 club mix remix mashup zippy progressive trance HQ HD 1080p zippy 2012 club life nightlife summer nyc la miami zippy [facebook_Stomp's Playlist] facebook.com/StompPlaylist
Maple Syrup & Sianii : the website you posted the download link to is gone, can you post another way of downloading it @StompsPlaylistTV
Mario Arellano : 2020 avicii is still my favorite.
Privado513 : Tim Berling 1989 - 2018
Avicii 2008 - infinite
JuMa GiBer : 2019 ❤❤
Erik Olsson : Best song ever!




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