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Review: Canon MP560 Printer Wi-Fi Review Demo All-in-One

This is a basic review of the canon MP560 all in one wifi printer from canon. Any questions, just comment please! Thanks alot!
justin hurd : Need a scanner for occasional document electronic filing.▫ ▫>つt Google search ended up with this scanner meeting my requirements. Was concerned about a tablet powering up the scanner, 2.5W or 0.5Amp max which is USB max current output capability also. I have used my HP ENVY to scan about 20 pages of document so far and this product exceed my expectation.
yusra Asif : Can we fax documents from this printer as well??
Sarah Angelina Tapia : an I have hotspot on my phone and still taking forever to search my printer
Sarah Angelina Tapia : hi did you download app so you can print from your phone I have the the same printer has you my it taking long time to search the printer on my phone
annette nicholls : my window is empty with a black line vertically.What do I do?


Mark Ukrainetz : 감사

Canon MP550 Ink Absorber Reset (6C10 Error Code)

Read our full article with full written instructions here:

A quick video showing you how to reset the counter for the ink absorber/waste ink tank of the Canon MP550 printer. This advice may also be applicable to other Canon printers, but we have been unable to confirm this first hand.

UPDATE: Kind YouTube users have also informed us this advice works for the Canon Pixma MP630, MP540 and MG5220. I hope it worked for you too!
Süchti Tom : Thank you sooooo much. This fix works perfectly for my Canon Pixma MG5150.
Deaglán Ó Gráinne : Your name will be mentioned in despatches from Heaven. Thank you from 2020.

Sergio Cooper : it worked in my MP640!!
Alethea Botts : Perfect Fix! Thank you!
kristoff99s : Thank god for this video! Ive had this printer for 12 years before this error came up. Of course i don't have the manual anymore. Who would have thought it would be this obscure to reset it!? It worked!

CANON PIXMA MP568 連供改裝後打印範例 採用AI極光 CANON 分體墨盒機種 專用染料墨水 2014215




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