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Game Composites GB1 GameBird

Fun Flying!
- unlimited aerobatics
- 200kts cruise
- 1000NM range
- 2 comfortable seats
Doc Austin : I love this video. What a swoopy looking plane!
Craig Van Sickle : Great job guys!
zhi hao quek : I just had an intro aerobatic flight in a Boeing Stearman... To think that this aircraft can run rings around it, that's just insane! Bravo! All the best to the Game Composites team.

Hopefuly I'll have the good fortune of doing more aerobatics in the future :)
Juan Francisco Sainz : GB1 + Halcones !!!
IM4NRA : Beautiful bird! Where do you go from here from an engineering standpoint? That thrust to weight ratio must surely be a ridiculous set of numbers! Enjoyed it, keep it coming!

GB1 GameBird flown by Philipp Steinbach - Oshkosh 2018 - Thursday
mustangsandwich : That's really an impressive aerobatic aircraft. Wow...
RCnerd74 : Make that speaker stop talking... great aerobatic plane by the way :o)
yoshyoka : Is it the pilot or is it hard to be precise on it? Looks quite rough..
Atticus Jones : What is the difference between this and a xa41?
Tom Davison : Unbelievable!

Yamaha GB1 in Glossy Black

Piano demonstration performed by Alan Roberts at The Piano Gallery. View details of this piano and over 150 pianos, upright pianos and grand pianos for sale, at all budgets in our showrooms at
Victoria Elizabeth Whiti Maxwell : He makes the piano sound great if it needs tuning . It didn't matter if my piano wasn't tuned I'd play drunk from the time I was 8
T Green : Needs an advanced tuning.
mydeafminute : one of the piano key is not tuned , my ears hurts
Dina DeMayo : Alan, you pay absolutely beautifully! Do you create sheet music for your arrangements?
Brandon Fenus : Yamaha pianos have such amazing sound quality for the price!




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