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Mehrspindeldrehautomat - INDEX MS32-6

CNC-Mehrspindeldrehautomat für hohe Produktivität und kurze Takt- und Rüstzeiten

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Joe Cerrato : Que programa usan para la animación
Active Atom : Wow wee you are so beautiful what a fantastic machine, we are two impressed guys her in the California Desert USA, thank you for this morning wake-up video this was GREAT. We have to dream for now but wow the abilities are incredible to see in action. Lance & Patrick.

MyStudio MS32 Product Photography Demo and Tutorial

Visit to see all of our table top lightbox products. Demonstrating use of the MyStudio MS32 semi portable photo studio. Live Chihuahua photo shoot at the end.
davidhunternyc : What MyStudio should I use to photograph taller items up to 30 inches tall? Thanks.
Annaliese Perry : Hi. I really learned a lot from your demonstration of the various tabletop photo studios. I was wondering, though, why changing the lights to different locations also changed the color tinge of the background. There's a noticeable difference between the background colors when you compare the products to show the different effects of the different light setups. I'm new to product photography, so please excuse me if this is an answer I should already know :-\

MyStudio MS32 Tips+Techniques

Using the MyStudio MS32 tabletop photo studio kit to take product photos. The white seamless cyclorama background and even 5000K lighting make getting professional quality results easy for even inexperienced photographers.
Csoery : Cool :)
MyStudio Table Top Photography : Yes, they all came together as a kit called the "MyStudio MS32". It is available on or B&H Photo.

MS32 Finned tube coiler

Machine to coil finned tube. Can produce one coil inside the other.
Max Inpains : The music is no joke ?
Bogdan karpovich : Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for InpliX click the PIG and build it too
Ali Rajabi : ??
fleurdumal60035 : il poco lavoro non giustifica il prezzo! ho visto rame lavorato arrivare a costare quasi il 500% in piu' del costo del materiale
Bartolo Cadiz : Awesome!!!!!!! lol




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