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Excetek investment based on trust

Tru-Tech Precision Engineering has built an enviable reputation in the demanding medical sector. Based on its previous experiences with Paul Barry, Sales and Service Engineer with Warwick Machine Tools in Ireland, the Dundalk company invested in an Excetek V400G CNC wire EDM machine secure in the knowledge that his wealth of expertise and support could be easily accessed

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MTDCNC are proud to offer a platform that educates engineers throughout the World. Our main audience is the UK market and you'll see from this video that we focus on learning and talking to UK based engineers. We do travel to Europe and review products on request of our clients.

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Excetek keeps on running

Hard machining press tools for the automotive and security industry sectors, Canterbury Tools had a requirement for additional wire EDM capacity. An evaluation of the market highlighted the impressive performance of the Excetek V650G CNC wire machine, especially at its price point. Key to the business was the robust and reliable auto wire feed system to support unmanned operations overnight.

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Excetek wire EDM is ‘trusted’ in Sheffield

‘Made in Sheffield’ is a trusted sign that buyers across the globe recognise as guaranteed quality, and it is emblazoned on every product manufactured by Durham-Duplex. This specialist industrial knife and blade producer relies on advanced machine tools, such as Excetek V400G wire EDM machines supplied by Warwick Machine Tools, to improve its manufacturing process and ensure the company maximises its skilled and knowledgeable manpower.




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