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A Class - Trapped In Freestyle

A Class - Trapped In [Official Video]
New single Trapped In out now:

Produced by @maintayne

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#AClass #TrappedIn #Freestyle
Ashley Antrobus :
J : Mazzaaa
Jordan Mulholland : Whooooshhhhhhh dis one is a mazzzaaaa
BroadWay Noir : MAZZAHEEN
Wiz Douglas : Stole my name punk

The 2019 Mercedes A-Class Is the Cheapest New Mercedes-Benz



The 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is now the cheapest Mercedes-Benz. I'm reviewing the A-Class to show you around the new baby Benz, and I'm showing you all the quirks and features of the Mercedes-Benz A220 -- and all of its technology.

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Doug DeMuro : FYI, a giraffe weighs like 2,800 pounds for a male (1270kg), so you don't want one to sit on you.
giorgos garris : Please tell us if the engine is from RENAULT?????
M S : I see what Mercedes is doing they have a full range of cars unlike all other manufacturers that give you less choices. The CLS and CLA are stylish, pillarless four-door coupe’s, while the A class C class and S class are traditional sedans of different sizes. Also there is a full range of convertibles that are also different sizes and a full range of crossovers along with high end sports cars. Gotta love Mercedes Benz!
The Retrospective : Really good review, thanks man!
caroll basken : One of my favorite cars. I mean the fact you can get a brand new Mercedes for $32,500 is amazing!!!

2020 Mercedes Benz A220: Here's Why The New A-Class Is Actually A Bargain!

Today I drive and review a 2020 Mercedes Benz A-Class!

Mercedes Inventory: Please let me film for you and your website will sit here!=D

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Paul Roadley : Yeah it's a fantastic looking car my Queen Jade is going to buy one
Ryan Coyle : Florida deal breaker question... ventilated seats or only heated?
Yesh uwah : These new 4V cars Benz making aren’t revolutionary at all! Compared to the older models it’s a little slow to react!

And they got rid of the paddle shifters because they were messing up the transmission... glad to see they left it on their “least important car”. Smh.
Noemi Sanchez : Beautiful !!! Love it !!
bryan lopez : This is car is going to be mine for my dirty 30th Birthday ❤️❤️




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