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Origin Dshop Demo

Nick Poulden, Senior Engineer at Origin performs a live demo of the Origin Swag Store, powered by Dshop. Dshop is a customizable and open-source e-commerce platform, hosted entirely on IPFS with an ENS domain.

Origin Dshop homepage: https://www.originprotocol.com/dshop
Blog post: https://medium.com/originprotocol/built-on-origin-a-decentralized-shopify-alternative-888adc4198b0
Origin Swag Store: https://originswag.eth.link

00:00 - Intro \u0026 Description
00:50 - Domain Name
02:00 - Search
02:35 - Adding to Cart
03:30 - IPFS/Database/Directories
07:50 - Checkout
09:20 - Data Security
11:24 - Payment \u0026 Smart Contracts
14:14 - Dispute Resolution/Arbitration
18:50 - Conclusion

The following video is a recording from the IPFS All Hands call in Dec 2019.
se : nice demo. who is hosting those IPFS files? and how does Origin handle illegal content on the website?


Live More, Enjoy More, Shop More at Dshop.com.au

Get started with Dshop - launch your store in minutes

Launch your free decentralized e-commerce store.

We walk you through step-by-step on how to set up your online store in minutes. Dshop is free to use, censorship-resistant, and accepts credit card and cryptocurrency payments natively.

Try this alternative to Shopify and Woo commerce today.
Neo Print : ‪Right now $OGN is one of the best gainers today on #MXC_Exchange!! I am planning to stack more $OGN and hold it on my MXC account!!
KyAnh MMO : You blocked my account without a reason, I'm very sad and disappointed even though I was very enthusiastic in supporting the introduction video of your project.
Henzy Marine : what stopping someone from just taking your money and sending nothing. bitbat.market fixs that




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