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The Electromagnetic Flow Measuring Principle - Illustration of the electromagnetic flow measuring principle.

Magnetic Flow Meter Technology Introduction

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Electromagnetic flow meter also known as magnetic flow meters, provide a highly accurate volumetric flow measurement. Mag meters are instrumental in running a plant efficiently and safety. The mag meter is one of the many flow meters offered by Emerson Automation Solutions to provide reliable flow measurement. This video will highlight the magnetic flow meter working principle, including covering Faraday’s law. You will also learn the advantages of electromagnetic flow meters, and some traditional limitations of mag meters like the impact of process noise. Rosemount has become a flow measurement expert regarding material compatibility for appropriate liner and electrode selection and has advanced signal processing software to provide maximum flow measurement reliability for even the most challenging applications.

How to Measure Flow with Magnets - (Magnetic Flow Meters)

What happens when a civil engineer mixes water and electricity? The results aren't always ideal, but you always learn something!

A magnetic flow meter relies on Faraday's Law of Induction to measure the flow of a fluid. Magnets outside the pipe create a magnetic field. Electrodes are located perpendicular to the magnets. A conductive fluid moving through the pipe will generate a voltage (electromotive force) between the electrodes due to Faraday’s law. The faster the fluid moves through the pipe, the higher the voltage. Once you know the velocity of the fluid, you can calculate flow using the cross sectional area of the pipe. In this video, I walk through some of the details that electrical engineers have worked out so that this ingenious device can work properly. Unfortunately I couldn't get it working very well myself!

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-At 4:36, the signal to noise ratio is low, not high.


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