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How do I get rid of Xvid Video Codec and a couple other tips

How do I get rid of Xvid Video Codec and a couple other tips
emil me at turnerjustshowme@gmail.com
The Simp son Family : i dont understand this "Xvid Video codec "
SonofaColt : xvid codec has been a real pain just recently , i will now after watching your very helpful video understand what's been going on & will set my boxes up as you describe ?????.
Eddie Urrutia : I reinstall it tried the same trik same thing happens, im uding xenon v19.8 build. Txs 4 help
Eddie Urrutia : After doing what you suggested i get no icons on any of the themes, movies,shows. Alll icons dont appear anymore I get like background flashes, i tried setting many times, can you help
Gazzoo ntie : Cool thanks again I'm sure you helped many of us. Greatly appreciated

How to play Xvid Videos or Movies on your PC for free

PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE. There are some movies/videos out there that requires a Xvid plugin to play it. Here's a short tutorial on how can you play Xvid movies/videos on your PC and get a Xvid codec for free!!!

VLC Player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Xvid Codec: http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/

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Peter Munk Andersen : Dont work ;(
Ghost Assaultgaming : It doesn't work guys..he was playing a normal video file that doesn't need xvid codec
Kathy Maduke : It gave the correct instructions, but I had to mute that maddening music.
Srey pin : 35
SNIPERミDK : yes it worked,...

dislike button worked

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많이 이용되는 동영상 xvid 코덱 설치하는 방법에 대한 설명입니다.
톨스또씨관측 : 후 코덱 적용법몰라 엄청 해멨는데 감사 합니다 !

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